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Software & Solution

At Tech Frame we are dedicated to using the newest standards in development technology while still staying trained in leagzy code and technology so we can support any client equally well.

UI/UX Design / Branding Services

We offer design branding services for clients at any stage of their rollout Whether you need to brand a new company, or rebrand an existing one to branding it to the current state of the art of the digital age.

Web Application Development

Our team is able to develop on multiple technologies at once. Anything from PHP on a CMS like Wordpress. To coding and repairing in Java. To custom developing on .NET for scalable web products that can integrate into the mobile app space, which we also develop in iOS and Android.


We take the needs of our clients seriously, and most of those needs focus on becoming increasingly digital to better compete in the marketplace. If you need a new website or software, we can build it, if you need branding and marketing to grow your brand reach and get better click through conversion, we can do that too. If you have an old website that needs an upgrade, we can bring it to the present and future proof it. Do you have a workforce that you are managing entirely on paper and excel sheets? We develop the software and web and mobile applications capable of supporting your entire workflow, from scheduling, to location based map integration, to multiple project management to custom CRM creation to support and increase your sales, to custom APIs that can make any part of your software and site integrate with existing softwares for accounting and tax management.

QA Manual and Automation

We have created a team that focuses exclusively on Manual and Automation testing for web and app development. It started to fill an in house need to have a red team to test our own development work, and it has grown from there. Companies globally are understanding that QA needs to happen from a different set of coders than the one creating the product, and have started seeking workers in QA automation en masse. The need is great but there are only a handful of Automation Engineers available at any one time, they get swept up immediately. There are jobs on the market right now, where the only requirement for getting a job interview for QA automation is having heard of Selenium (yes, really.) Our advantage is that we grow our own engineers from the various Computer Science programs regionally, and specialize them as the need arises and their skills promise. We have full coders who are dedicated to all aspects of testing from Manual to Automation, using tools like Selenium, SOAPUI, Appium, Cucumber, etc, depending on the clients needs and preferences.


We have many years of experience creating call centers for tech and sales support for international clients. Our staff is highly trained, multilingual, and our prices are highly competitive.

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