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TIME FRAME-s vision is to create human capacities out of enthusiastic people for technology, software development and clean code. Everything in world will become tech, we must be ready! For more please watch our Video Story .

2 Hours A Day
4 Months


At TIMEFRAME our business is built on our people. Our vision is to build our success around our enthusiastic team members who create all our tech, software development, and clean code. The future is code and tech, we must be ready to meet it head on. Find out everything we can do in our VIDEO! We are building our community step by step; in our training center we select and train aspiring Software Engineers every day, creating the next generation of developers who will create the new state of the art in software.

Kosovo has one of the youngest populations in the world, 75% is under 35 years old. This gives us a large pool of quality students eager to learn. TIMEFRAME together with our partner GIZ is committed to create a curriculum to enrich our students by teaching them the predominant coding languages used today.

At TIMEFRAME our trainers are up to date with the most current technologies and constantly keeping their finger on the pulse of programming to be able to anticipate and create what’s coming next. In addition to training, our laboratory program focuses on learning by doing for our top students. There they start working on different experimental projects under the supervision of our engineers giving them first hand real life experience, getting them on a path to real projects quicker.

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