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About Us

The originating idea behind TIMEFRAME was to build up our human resources, then create products that increase the value of our clients through software engineering. In the last two years we have become indispensable development partners to a multitude of companies in the DACH region.


Our mission at Time Frame is to become a true outsourcing partner to our clients, by providing the best tech solutions for business and business processes. With our experienced team and expertise in a variety of industries we are fully capable of supporting all our client’s design and development needs from Requirement Analysis to Deployment.

Our team of twenty plus experts in design and development is capable of providing you with complete solutions for all your needs at half the cost of your local resources. Because of the reduced cost you can afford a larger team on your project, thereby speeding up your design, development, testing and deployment time.

We are focused to be near you and that’s why we establish a network of business developers in different regions in the Europe and US so we can act in time to hear your requirements and to set up any kind of process that you and your company may need in terms of software development. Anything that you may need you can chose a Business Developer near you and start a business.

Our Services

Custom Software Development

Time Frame’s highly skilled developers are there for all your software needs, No matter the size of your company, or the state of your processes.

Time Frame will work closely with your team to determine your requirements and update your processes and deliver custom software solutions from concept to final rollout. The only limit to what we can do is your imagination.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications have become a ubiquotous part of life and work. With our expertise in mobile development, we can build highly customized and user friendly apps for both iOS and Android devices, to help you attract and keep users and grow your brand.

Web Application Development

At Time frame we have developed web applications for a variety of industries including, Customer Support, HR Management, E-Learning, Communication, etc.

We have extensive experience in Java, .NET, PHP, and others as needed by our clients.

UX/UI Design

At Time Frame, from years of experience and with thorough analysis of learned user behaviors and industry standards we custom create the UX/UI design with your business in mind. The right design will ensure that your users have maximum comfort with your apps and softwares.

Here at Time Frame, we understand how crucial the front end of any application is to its users, which is why we create and deploy modern, common sense, design language and find the ideal user interface for your software.

Software Testing Q & A

Our QA teams ensures that your product is ready to roll out fully functional and bug free. Our testing services from our dedicated QA teams provide the expertise needed to create the highest quality possible products.

Dedicated Development team

Our work flow is simple. Once we have determined the needs of your project we compose the team needed to complete it, start to finish, in accordance with your requirements.

This allows us to reduce your development time and keep our costs reasonable. Our processes aim to provide you complete visibility and control.


Diversity of experience of our management in business and software engineering makes Timeframe an ideal partner in identifying client needs to solution offer, processes and software concept.

Our development team have broad experience and knowledge of different programming languages, both front and back end, which enable us to provide solution for every functionality of your planned software.

Tech Team

Our Compentences



It won’t be a bigger problem to find one video game lover in your neighbor. Since the introduction of Virtual Game, it has been achieving great heights so far as its popularity and technological advancement are concerned.